peninsula rays baseball club


9U Tournament Rules

I ‐ Teams

  1. Manager must submit a Liability Insurance Certificate before the start of their first game.
  2. Manager must be able to present team roster and birth certificates at all times during the tournament with all players meeting the April 30 birthdate cut‐off.
  3. Each team must roster 10 to 15 players along with uniform numbers. Only rostered players will be eligible for the tournament.*
  4. Teams may not play with less than 9 players.*
  5. Players cannot play on more than one team.
  6. Teams have a maximum of one manager and three coaches.
  7. All spectators must stay off the field.
  8. Teams must be at the field 1 hour before the start of the game.
  9. Home team is determined by a coin flip in pool play; higher seed is home team in all Playoff games (Sunday).
  10. The home team must provide an official scorekeeper and use the official scorebook provided by the tournament committee.
  11. Winning teams must report the final game score to hospitality desk near the snack bar.

II ‐ Regulation Game

  1. Game Length:  6 innings
  2. Mercy Rule: Teams are declared the winner if leading by 10 or more runs after 4 innings played (3.5 innings if home team is winning by 10 runs) or 8 after 5 innings.
  3. Game Time Limit: On Thursday and Friday, no inning will be started after 1 hour and 35 minutes from the first pitch of the game. On Saturday and Sunday, no inning will be started after 1 hour and 45 minutes from the first pitch of the game.  Time is determined from the last out in the previous inning.  
  4. Ties: Pool play games can end in ties. Games tied after 6 innings that have not reached the time limit, continue until the time limit.  Playoff games (Sunday) cannot end in ties.  The first extra inning and every inning thereafter will start with the person who made the last out on 2nd base and continue the order from where it left off in the previous innings.  We will also start with 1 out in each half inning.  
  5. Batter Limits: There is no limit to the number of batters or runs scored in an inning with the exception of the Mercy Rule (II.2).

III ‐ Playing Rules (Little League rules shall govern play on issues not covered below.)


Pitching Limits

  • One Day Maximum To Pitch The Next Day: A player that pitches more than three (3) innings in one (1) day, cannot pitch the next day.
  • One Day Maximum:  A player cannot pitch more than six (6) innings in one (1) day.
  • Tournament Maximum:  A player cannot pitch more than eight (8) innings during the tournament.
  • Partial Inning Pitched: Any partial inning pitched shall count as one (1) full-inning
    towards the maximums allowed whether or not the pitcher records an out.
  • Catching:  Players may catch in the game in which they have pitched.
  • Pitching Record: After each game, Managers must verify the pitching recorded by the umpire is correct before leaving the field. The tournament committee will maintain an inning track form for each team throughout the tournament.

  1. Pitcher Warmup: Players should warm up the pitcher between innings; however, a coach may warm up the pitcher to speed up the game.
  2. Mound Visit: Managers must remove the pitcher during a second mound visit in the same inning.  Umpire’s retains discretion for injury.
  3. Offensive Timeout:  The Manager is allowed one offensive timeout per inning.
  4. Runner Leads:  No runner’s leads allowed. Runner may advance/steal after the pitch crosses home plate.
  5. Continuous Batting Order: All rostered players present bat in a continuous batting order. If a player in the batting order is unable to hit, an out will be recorded every time that player is due to hit.
  6. On Deck:  No more than one player allowed in the on deck circle including between innings.
  7. Substitution: There are no minimum play requirements for each player and Managers can use free substitution.
  8. Courtesy Runner: With two outs, a courtesy runner may replace the catcher; the courtesy runner is the player making the second out in the inning.
  9. Allowed Bats:  USA Baseball OR USSSA Bats
  10. Umpire Decisions: No game shall be played under protest. Umpires on the field have the final say on all rules interpretation with support from tournament director if needed.
  11. Sportsmanship: Any player, coach, manager, or spectator who acts in an un‐sportsmanlike manner may be warned once by the umpire. A second warning shall result in that person being removed from the field. Umpires and tournament officials can judge any offense serious enough to eject any manager, coach or player without warning.
  12. Ejection: Any player, coach, manager, or spectator ejected from a game may be suspended from further tournament play or participation.

IV ‐ Seeding For Playoffs

1. Win‐loss record
2. Head to head
3. Fewest runs allowed
4. Run Differential
5. Coin toss


*Given unforseen circumstances when Little League adjusted their tournament dates, the tournament director has approved a non-roster player to play in a particular game becasue of conflicts. Both teams are aware of the change and both managers have approved the addition of this player for the particular game.